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Targeted press work and PR throughout the media landscape

PR von Harsdorf is a performance-driven communication agency with an outstanding reputation and scrupulously managed network of contacts. Our recognized expertise in the media landscape has been built over thirty years. The PR services we provide span the entire scope of modern press and PR, from strategic corporate and brand communication to target-group-specific content development, social media and classic media relations, also covering crisis communication. We also apply our long-standing expertise in journalism and corporate affairs in planning and producing customer and employee magazines, newsletters and website content – including content management – for our clients.


When we begin working with a new client, we start by analysing the market and the challenges faced by the client. We explore how it is presented and perceived within the media landscape, among its partners, among its own clients, in public and among key opinion-sharers. From our client’s input, our research and our own long-standing expertise, we then develop a strategic communication concept that spans all relevant communication channels and includes individual tailored PR services – naturally complying with all budget specifications. As an important consideration, we only propose concepts that are realistic, that will deliver the desired success and that we can wholeheartedly support based on our extensive experience. Because our clients‘ success is our central focus!