Elke von Harsdorf

Elke von Harsdorf
Owner / Managing Director

Tel.: +49 89 189 087 333

"IT is simply irrestible"

Communication specialist Elke von Harsdorf is a long-standing journalist and experienced PR expert. She developed numerous successful publications for Munich-based publishing house Vogel-Verlag and the German branch of US media corporation Ziff Davis, acting as their editor-in-chief.

Elke von Harsdorf has been an independent PR consultant for over ten years. Her clients appreciate her in-depth PR expertise and outstanding contacts to trade, industry and business media – but also her resilience to stress and clear head in dealing with crises. Before her “PR era” Elke von Harsdorf spent many years in air traffic control, where she demonstrated these characteristics, so often a part of routine agency operations, on a daily basis.

Elke von Harsdorf’s ruling passion is one of the most important prerequisites for successful PR – the art of interpreting and communicating even the most complex topics in a clear and understandable way.